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  AS-M70A LASER DISTANCE METER (70M) Measuring range:0.05-70m.  Measuring unit: m/in/ft.  Distance measure precision: ±2.  Area measure function: m².  Volume measure function: m³.  Ingress protection: IP54.  Angle function: ±90°.   Max. storage: 30units. Screen size: 2.16°.  LCD backlight: Yes. Power source: 3.7v-850mAh or 3*1.5vAAA (optional).
  AS-M120B LASER DISTANCE METER (120M) W/Bluetooth Measuring range: 0.05-120m. Measuring unit: m/in/ft. Distance measure precision: ±2.  Area measure function: m². Volume measure function: m³. Ingress protection: IP54.  Angle function: ±90°. Max. storage: 30units.  Screen size: 2.16°. LCD backlight: Yes.  Bluetooth: Yes.  Power source: 3*1.5vAAA.
  AS-M6310A Coating Thickness Meter Magnetic&Non magnetic: 0-1700µm. Resolution: 0.1µm@(0-99.9µm).   Indication error±(2+2%*H)µm@(0-500µm) Min. Measuring area: magnetic:25*25mm. Min. Curvature: Convexity 5mm.    Min. The thickness of the substrate: Magnetic 0.2mm Display: Segment Code LCD.  Memory: 30unit Power supply: 2*1.5vAAA. Working temperature(0°C-40°C). Dimension: (120*52*26mm).
  AS-M333G Laser Level(Green beam) Light source: Green. Wavelength:(510-530nm).      Leveling accuracy:±3mm/10m. Horizontal-Vertical accuracy: (±3mm/10m).   Leveling/Compensation Range:(4°±1°) Working distance (Line): 30m. Operation time: 4H approximately. Laser class: Class2. Waterproof grade: IP54. Operating temp.: -10°C-50°C.   Power source:3.7v-5200mAh Li-ion.  Dimension: (87*111*113mm).
  AS-M311R Laser Level(Red beam) Light source: Red.  Wavelength:(635±5nm).  Leveling accuracy:±3mm/10m. Horizontal-Vertical accuracy: (±3mm/10m). Leveling/Compensation Range:(4°±1°)   Working distance (Line): 10m. Operation time: 8H approximately.  Laser class: Class2.   Waterproof grade: IP54. Operating temp.: -10°C-50°C.  Power source: 2*1.5AA.  Dimension: (65.4*75*76mm)
  AS-M524 Sound Level Meter Range:30-130dB Accuracy:±1.5dB(in standard sound): 94dB@1KHz Freq. response:31.5Hz-8.5KHz Freq. weighting: A&C  Time weighting: (Fast&slow) Digital display: (3 and half,resolution 0.1dB)  Microphone: 6mm condenser Mic. AC&DC signal o/p=Yes  Power supply=3*1.5vAAA Working temprature(0°C-40°C) Dimension: (215*63.5*27mm)Big LCD screen
  AS-M582 Lux Meter Range: 0-1999Lux(1FC=10.76Lux) Resolution: 1Lux (0-9999Lux) 10Lux(10000-99990Lux) Precise:±(4%rdg+0.5%F.S)(0-9999Lux) Sampling time:0.5s  Lock for Min/Max value(Min&Max).  Power supply:3*1.5AAA. Working temprature(0°C-40°). Working humidity:≤80%RH.  Backlight=Yes  / Data hold=Yes Auto power off=Yes Dimention:178.5*63.5*27mm.Big LCS screen.


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